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Physics Tutor Using Analogies IV (Let There Be Light!)

"Seeing the light" by Jenny Poole Welcome back to our series on thinking by analogy! In this series, we are tracing how a simple idea – a mass oscillating back and forth on a spring – emerges again and again in many diverse fields of physics. As a physics tutor in Boston, I frequently see students not seeing the links between different parts of their physics education, links that are crucial for understanding the material or for preparing efficiently for the physics AP or GRE tests. We first saw how the oscillation concept first appears in your high school mechanics course, as a mass bobbing on a spring. Next, we saw how it might appear in the second half of your high school physics class, as a simple electronic circuit. Let’s pick back up from there. Electrons sloshing around a circuit In our last post, we discuss a simple circuit made up of a capacitor and an inductor. Inspired by the â€Å"mass on a spring† analogy, we chose to look at this picture in a particular way. The energy, loosely speaking, resides in the electrons that move through the circuit. Electrons accumulate on the plates of the capacitor, building up a voltage between the plates. This voltage gives the electrons potential energy, so they want to flow back off of the plates to restore equilibrium. The mass has compressed the spring to its limit, and is being pushed back. Similarly, electrons flow through the coils of the inductor, creating a magnetic field. As the current of electrons begins to slow, the magnetic field induces a voltage across the inductor that tries to maintain the current. This self-induction essentially imbues the electrons with inertia, creating a kind of kinetic energy. The mass, having been pushed into motion, tries to remain in motion. Energy seamlessly flows back and forth between the capacitor and the inductor – between potential and kinetic energy – as the electrons oscillate in the circuit. Turn this picture on its head! Can we think about this circuit another way, though? One of the great pleasures in science, I’ve found, is that you can often look at the same physical system from a number of angles. The various descriptions of the system, though they might seem very different on the surface, are equivalent on a deeper mathematical level. As often happens when you approach a problem with a fresh perspective, adopting a different description of a physical system can lead to interesting new insights! So far, the electrons have been the stars of our show. They carry the energy, and we only mention the electric and magnetic fields because they give the electrons a potential to push against or inertia to keep the current flowing. Let’s go Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on this show, and declare the fields to be our new stars. When the capacitor is fully charged and no current flows, all of the circuit’s energy is stored in the electric field itself. Likewise, when the current is at its peak and the capacitor has fully discharged, the energy is stored in the magnetic field itself. The energy doesn’t flow between the electrons’ potential and kinetic energy, but between the electric and magnetic fields. All the parts of the circuit – the capacitor’s plates, the inductor’s coil, and the electrons themselves – only serve to mediate this energy transfer. The electrons are just tiny messengers, shuttling energy back and forth between the electric and magnetic fields. Can we go further? Again, the question you should always ask in science – so what? You told me to tilt my head and take another look at the circuit, and now I just see a crooked circuit. What new insights have we gained? Let’s think about these questions: if we say that the fields are the repositories of energy and all the wires and charges are just a mechanism for transferring energy, then what’s so special about this mechanism? Could we find some other means of transferring energy back and forth between the electric and magnetic fields? We began with the capacitor-inductor circuit because it was easy to visualize, but can we choose something else that would work equally well? As it turns out, we can. Instead of a circuit, with wires connecting two metal plates and a coil, picture†¦ Nothing. Just free space, with no electrons, no wires, no metal of any kind. Vacuum. In your college electricity and magnetism course, the semester’s apex will probably be your arrival at Maxwell’s equations. These equations took the subjects of electricity and magnetism – born in studies of wires, coils, voltaic piles, and all kinds of mad scientist-esque equipment1 – and unified them under one theoretical framework. Widely considered one of the most elegant set of equations in all of physics, Maxwell’s equations allow electric and magnetic fields to shuffle off their metal coils and exist as physical quantities in their own right. Let there be light! One of the most important consequences of Maxwell’s equations is that changing electric fields can create magnetic fields and vice versa – without any mediating charges. Without the aid of any wires or plates, we can set up an oscillator at any point in space2 simply by stipulating that an electric or magnetic field exists and that it is changing. We can add two new types of energy to our growing lists: the energy stored in the electric field at any point in space and the energy stored in the magnetic field . Here, ÃŽ µ0 and ÃŽ ¼0 are called the permittivity and permeability of free space, but the important thing is that they are universal physical constants. Notice how the formal similarity still carries through from our first example of a mass oscillating on a spring. As with the two previous oscillators, energy seamlessly flows back and forth between the one type of energy and the other, between the electric and magnetic fields. What can we say about this ethereal oscillator? Before, we looked at the physical constants involved (k and m or C and L) and determined the oscillator’s characteristic frequency. Here, because the fields not only oscillate back and forth in time but also propagate forward and backward in space, we find not a characteristic frequency, but a characteristic propagation speed: . If you set an electric field oscillating at one point in space, electric and magnetic fields will propagate outward at this speed, sustaining each other as they travel. This number, which falls straight out of the mathematics of Maxwell’s equations, is the speed of light! This result emphasizes the beautiful unification of Maxwell’s equations. All electromagnetic radiation – warm sunshine on your face, light bouncing off a lake, the laser in your DVD player, the x-rays that reveal your cavity to the dentist, the microwaves that heat your popcorn, all of it – is simply energy sloshing back and forth between electric and magnetic fields. Next time – back into quantum land! Now we’ve seen how carefully tracing an analogy through several different topics in physics can yield fascinating results. We started with a hunk of mass shaking on a spring, moved to electrons coursing through a simple circuit, then arrived at a beautiful picture of light as a simple electromagnetic oscillator. Next time, let’s bring our mass on a spring into quantum land, a realm whose counter-intuitive features we have already explored. In our next post, we’ll see how electromagnetic oscillator plays by the rules of quantum mechanics. Stay tuned! 1 I’ve glibly omitted the brilliant contributions of several physicists – most noticeably Carl Friedrich Gauss, Michael Faraday, and Andrà ©-Marie Ampà ¨re – but such is the price of condensing a semester’s worth of E+M to one sentence. It must also be noted that the composite picture of Tesla was taken several decades after the formulation of Maxwell’s equations, but it just fits the â€Å"Victorian mad scientist† archetype so well. 2 This is true, with modification, when we consider a point that happens to be inside some kind of object, but we’ll just assume that we choose a point in vacuum. ;

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English Essay We Are Virginia Tech - 1690 Words

â€Å"We Are Virginia Tech† Speaking is form of art that can either be a natural gift or a practiced talent. Much like there are several different ways a person can draw: cartooning, free hand, or realistic, there are many ways in which a person can speak. Nikki Giovanni’s speech â€Å"We Are Virginia Tech† makes people cry, rejoice, and move on. A speech is one form of art that can evoke these types of emotions from people. In Nikki Giovanni’s poem â€Å"We Are Virginia Tech,† which was spoken at a memorial ceremony for Virginia Tech shooting victims, she uses her tone and a repetition of words to make her speech very powerful. The tone of her voice is very distinct, she speaks with poise and confidence, while remaining remorseful but positive†¦show more content†¦People in the audience who lost close loved ones in this disaster may not think the other worldly tragedies Giovanni describes are of the same magnitude as this. For others though these images she gives may h elp them connect with the loss some are experiencing. Speeches can affect people in different ways, some speeches will inspire you, others will make you reflect on your own life, some will teach you a life lesson, but Nikki Giovanni’s poem was meant to bring together a group of disheartened people. Giovanni’s speech did not affect me as intensely as it did to the families of the victims who actually saw her give the speech. Similar to whether you are seeing a photo of a piece of artwork or seeing it in person, seeing or hearing a recording of a speech it will affect you differently. Sontag says, â€Å"real art has the capacity to make us nervous† (Sontag 759). This speech is meant to bring out the sadness, but also the hope for a better future that people are feeling. Preston Risser said, â€Å"her poem brought out the hurt people were feeling and brought awareness to the situation at hand.† As seen in the video people are either crying after she is fin ished, or standing up with a newfound inspiration to stand tall and put this tragedy in the past. The way a piece of art might make you feel does not have to be displayed by some physical expression, it can be an emotion that is kept inside. In relation to how NikkiShow MoreRelatedThe Editorial Came Out Of The Los Angeles Times986 Words   |  4 PagesAngeles Times. It was interesting magazine for an editorial supporting gun rights to come out of. It is traditionally a more democratic magazine and them having an anti-Gun Control editorial was a surprise. The editorial is a little older using the Virginia Tech shootings as the most recent incident in the United States. Also, he addressed what European countries were saying about the incident, and how they felt about This article uses all three of the rhetorical devices but the strongest is logos, whichRead MoreMy Memories Of My Father1656 Words   |  7 PagesThis section of my life essay is split between what I have faint memorie s of and what my mother remembers so clearly. I have united the two into one smooth narrative, but it is still a united effort. However, in my mind, I can see perfectly clear the moment we found out that a third airplane had crashed into The Pentagon, where my father was. The sound that came from my mother was not human. She fell from the chair, dirt-caked knees digging deep into the floor, pink shirt already stained with tearsRead MoreThe Effects Of Gun Control And The Prevention Of School Violence1402 Words   |  6 PagesNicholas Kornasiewicz Ms. Revenaugh English 9, Period 6 10 December 15 Put a â€Å"Cap† in Gun Control On April 20, 1999, two teenagers killed 13 people and wounded more than 20 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado (Zirming). The incident drew worldwide attention. It led to widespread discussion over gun control and the prevention of school violence. With unstable characters like this jumping through the ineffective background checks, none are safe. You may think our little village is far fromRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education1420 Words   |  6 PagesEvery fall, millions of students return to school to learn about math and science, English and history, every weekday until summer finally returns. Year after year, the same fundamental classes return and, time after time, seem to faintly impact the students. Schools have been designed so you learn the same information, slightly more in depth, from kindergarten to senior year. What about topics that would further the student in their future after graduation? Schools emphasize the same core subjectsRead MoreN ikki Giovanni1815 Words   |  8 Pagesis all we poets wrapped in our loneliness are trying to say (Giovanni,176) Here she expresses, as she often does in her latter poetry, how lonely life is, especially a life of poetry. Giovanni says that writing poetry is a lonely profession (Reid 47). In the last poem of this vast selection, But Since You Finally Asked, Giovanni provides a closure, clearly addressing her audience when saying, let me say: I am proud to be a Black American . . . We didnt write a constitution . . . we live oneRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem An Unplugged Proposal 1242 Words   |  5 PagesAnjali Devakumar Mrs. Martin AP English 12 November 14, 2014 An Unplugged Proposal Molly Wood was a wonderful, happy girl who loved climbing trees and playing tennis as a child. But everything changed when she received her first iPhone at the age of thirteen. Now, Molly, a shadow of her former cheerful self, stays confined to her room in an almost vegetative state, as her brain is only able to comprehend texting and her speech is limited to 140 characters or less (bathos). Molly’s condition has escalatedRead MoreArgumentative Essay Gun Control1410 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ English 101 Argumentative/Persuasive Essay 4/12/2013 Word Count 1,255 Readability 12.3 There are new proposed gun control laws in the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut that occurred on December 14th, 2012. This incident claimed the lives of twenty 1st graders and six adults and has set the government in motion to try to prevent future acts of violence by strengthening gun control laws in the United StatesRead MoreThe Issue Of Concealed Carry2669 Words   |  11 PagesSpencer Kirkpatrick Ashley Schiel English April 28, 2015 Concealed Carry Over the course of the past couple years there have been multiple cases regarding police shootings and killings of an unarmed man.Whether it be intentional or unintentional. Citizens should have the right to carry a concealed weapon to defend themselves due to whatever is trying to cause harm to them. The right to have and carry a concealed firearm is due to your own personal protection. It should be legally just to gain aRead MoreThe Classroom Discussion Model of Teaching (*Arends, 2001)6735 Words   |  27 Pagesmodels to teachers, we first ask the members of the class to read about the model in the text, Instruction A Models Approach. Then my co-teacher and I teach a lesson to the class following a particular model while pointing out the various steps as we proceed. The next step is to divide the class into teams and have the various teams take turns teaching the model to each other. We give each team several opportunities to practice in this way under our guidance and supervisio n. Finally, we select one teamRead MoreFundamental Financial Accounting Concepts13807 Words   |  56 PagesEighth Edition Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts Thomas P. Edmonds University of Alabama–Birmingham Frances M. McNair Mississippi State University Philip R. Olds Virginia Commonwealth University Edward E. Milam Mississippi State University (Contributing Author) FUNDAMENTAL FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS Published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2008, 2006

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Stag Beetles, Family Lucanidae

Stag beetles are some of the biggest, worst bugs on the planet (at least they look bad!). These beetles are so named for their antler-like mandibles. In Japan, enthusiasts collect and rear stag beetles, and even stage battles between the males. Description Stag beetles (family Lucanidae) do get quite large, which is why they are so popular with beetle collectors. In North America, the largest species measures just over 2 inches, but tropical stag beetles can easily top 3 inches. These sexually dimorphic beetles also go by the name pinch bugs. Male stag beetles sport impressive mandibles, sometimes as long as half their body, which they use to spar with competing males in battles over territory. Though they may look threatening, you dont need to fear these enormous beetles. Theyre generally harmless but may give you a good nip if you try to handle them carelessly. Stag beetles are typically reddish-brown to black in color. Beetles in the family Lucanidae possess antennae with 10 segments, with the end segments often enlarged and appearing clubbed. Many, but not all, have elbowed antennae as well.​ Classification Kingdom – Animalia Phylum – Arthropoda Class – Insecta Order – Coleoptera Family - Lucanidae Diet Stag beetle larvae are important decomposers of wood. They live in dead or decaying logs and stumps. Adult stag beetles may feed on leaves, sap, or even honeydew from aphids. Life Cycle Like all beetles, stag beetles undergo complete metamorphosis with four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Females usually lay their eggs under the bark on fallen, rotting logs. The white, c-shaped stag beetle larvae develop over one or more years. Adults emerge in late spring or early summer in most areas. Special Adaptations and Defenses Stag beetles will use their impressive size and massive mandibles to defend themselves if needed. When it feels threatened, a male stag beetle may lift its head and open its mandibles, as if to say, Go ahead, try me. In many parts of the world, stag beetle numbers have declined due to forest defragmentation and the removal of dead trees in populated areas. Your best chance of seeing one may be observing one near your porch light on a summer evening. Stag beetles do come to artificial light sources, including light traps. Range and Distribution: Worldwide, stag beetles number around 800 species. Just 24-30 species of stag beetles inhabit mostly forested areas of North America. The largest species live in tropical habitats. Sources Borror and Delongs Introduction to the Study of Insects, 7th Edition, by Charles A. Triplehorn and Norman F. JohnsonInsects: Their Natural History and Diversity, by Stephen A. MarshallStag Beetles of Kentucky, University of Kentucky Entomology Department

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Role of Music - 2461 Words

PANPACIFIC UNIVERSITY NORTH PHILIPPINES Tayug, Pangasinan Term Paper In Communication Skills II Second Semester S.Y 2009-2010 The Role of Music in Learning PREFACE This term paper explains the relevance and role of music in learning. It also shows the benefits of listening to soft music in stimulating our mind to do certain tasks. It also discusses the study and research of some people about the goodness of music to body. I hope you will enjoy reading my term paper. - Author – ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank the Almighty God for guiding and giving me the knowledge to create this Term Paper. And†¦show more content†¦But, because I knew the songs, it gave me great confidence in my abilities or lack thereof. All I knew was that I was giving 100%. Who would have thought it? Over the years, I have learned to become more â€Å"on key† and have started and directed both choirs and bands in various schools. It is like seeing a caterpillar morph into a butterfly with these students. At the beginning, they are unsure and want to sing or particularly play their instrument as quietly as possible, just in case†¦ However, in a very short time, they are playing with confidence and not only self- correcting, but learning which harmonies or chords should be sung/played and often correcting each other. In what seems to be no time at all, most students are happy to put their talents â€Å"on parade†. I was a very shy student and rarely asked questions aloud in class. Part of that was personality, but part of that was the presence of particular educators in class who made you feel lower than dirt and that you were stupid if you asked questions when you didn’t understand. As a result, I learned to figure most things out for myself as in the following†¦ One day, when I was in about sixth grade, my mother came home and announced that she was beginning and directing a band at my school. It just so happened that we lived in the CanadianShow MoreRelatedMusic and Its Functions and Roles1625 Words   |  7 PagesMusic and its Functions and Roles Music has always been an integral part of human civilization. It is what binds individuals to their culture, people to their country. From the majestic stories of India to the concert halls of Vienna to the radio station playing mariachi music here in LA, music pervades our lives. Since our beginnings, music has accompanied rituals and ceremonies, and as time passed, began to fill other roles in religion, society, education, and entertainment. Within these differentRead MoreThe Role Of Music In The Godfather759 Words   |  4 PagesMusic plays a critical role in the narrative films as it is important technique that filmmakers use to support the narrative and influence the way that the viewer interacts, responds and interprets the events as they unfold. The godfather, which is one of all time Hollywood movies, represents a good use of music that succeeded in supporting the dramatic events that take place in the movie. Moreover, both diegetic and non-diegetic music in the godfather m ovie are used to achieve the overall purposeRead MoreThe Role of Music in Religion1395 Words   |  6 PagesMusic is a powerful thing. It evokes feelings and has the power to bring people together. Music plays an important part in all our lives. It is very difficult to imagine our world without it. We choose the music we listen to in our personal lives, but are subject to music in different environments. Music plays in restaruants, stores, when we are on hold, it also plays a very important part in movies and tv programs. Music communicates emotion and thought when we are at loss for words. It plays anRead MoreThe Role of Music in Life1442 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿The Role of Music in My Life From as early as I can remember, there has always been music. Of course some of my earliest memories have been supplemented by stories shared with me by my parents, but my own genuine memories are from rather early in my life. She told me as I got older that she began to sing to me when she first found out she was pregnant. She had read books about the importance of making a connection with the baby, even in the womb, and how music could soothe the baby and helpRead MoreRole of Music in My Life1518 Words   |  7 PagesMusic plays a vital role in my life. I love listening to music and it’s become one of my hobbies since I’m in my primary school. I had been exposed to music since I’m at kindergarten. I do a lot of performance that are related with music when I’m in my school age and I really enjoy it. I can say that music has become part of my life. Even in kindergarten, I had been taught by music such as ABC’s song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hap py Birthday song, If You Are Happy and others. There are so manyRead MoreRole Of Music During The Civil War1489 Words   |  6 PagesUS History I Honors 27 February 2015 Did music play a significant role in motivating soldiers to overcome their hardships in both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War? General Lee once remarked, â€Å"Without music, there would have been no army† (Kehoe). The New York Herald concurred with Lee in 1862 when a reporter wrote, â€Å"All history proves that music is as indispensable to warfare as money; and money has been called the sinews of war. Music is the soul of Mars...† (Bowman). It is evidentRead More The Role of Media in the Music Industry Essay849 Words   |  4 PagesThe Role of Media in the Music Industry When musicians produce albums, they want people to listen to the albums. There is not one specific way for a band or single musician to gain an audience and promote their music. Musicians use many different kinds of media to promote their music. They use visual media as well as strictly listening media. The radio, television, and the internet are all different types of media musicians use to promote their music. The radio is the oldest use of mediaRead MoreRole Of An Artist Manager On The Music Industry1474 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Industry Paper An Artist Manager’s role in the music industry is always changing with the increasing possibilities of technology and a manager’s responsibilities to their artists are numerous and valuable. These manager’s are subject to a heavy workload with the hopes of a hefty pay-off, and their goal is to develop the career of an artist or group as well as balancing the success of their own career. The functions of an Artist Manager influence multiple revenue streams for an artist andRead MoreThe Role of Music in Forming and Transforming Identities2290 Words   |  9 Pagesforms and cultural traditions, discuss the role of music in forming and transforming identities.’ Introduction This essay will explore the role of music with regards to the formation and transformation of identities within the ‘emo’ subculture contrasting it to the dance music tradition. The subculture of emo music engulfed many young adults of today’s generation including myself and those who were drawn to its spectrum and their affiliation to the music will allow for an in-depth analysis of pointsRead MoreMusic ´s Role in the Civil War501 Words   |  2 PagesI dont believe we can have an army without music. said Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Many think that the Civil War was a time of fighting and do not recognize that music played a key role in the war. Americans used music to try and explain more of what happened instead of pictures. Whether it was used to bring back memories of loved ones and home, boost the morale of the soldiers, or state political standpoints; music was very common to both the Union and the Confederate states. Different

Cloud Computing Technology Greentek Board in HQ

Question: Discuss about the Cloud Computing Technology for Greentek Board in HQ. Answer: Introduction The report depicts the importance of adapting cloud vendor to improve the existing business management and in order to provide proper risks management. Greentek Board in HQ has decided to consider the risks management approach to improve the business. For adapting the cloud vendor, the requirement for remote administration, resource management and SLA management are required to be considered. The cloud computing technology provides application resilience, backup and opportunity to disaster resilience; these are also demonstrated in this report. Finally the report will illustrate the Erls SLA guidelines. Requirements for Remote Administration In order to configure and administer cloud based Information Technology resource, the remote administration system mechanism gives different diagnostic tools and users interface for the external cloud resources (Oliveira et al., 2014). In addition to this the remote administration system can provide a portal as well that gives authentication it means that none of the external user without authentication cannot access the information from the cloud database. Moreover, a large data set can be managed in an organized manner with the help of remote administration system. Management of different underlying system, SLA as well as billing management of large to small organization is also become possible after adapting the concept of remote administration system. In order to develop and customize an online portal, website RAS serves many tools and application programming interface to the users effectively (Toosi, Calheiros Buyya, 2014). Both self service portal and administration portal can be managed well by remote administration system. Requirements for Resource Management In order to improve the existing business the organization should select appropriate resources that are beneficial and relevant to the business process. Whenever a cloud consumer wish to access data from the cloud storage that time tin order to avoid the negative impact set of toll are provided to the newly adapted cloud based solution so that, to protect the activities of the management system (De Benedictis et al., 2015). Due to limited amount of access the users and the employees of the organization are not capable to access whatever data they want to access. It provides security to the storage system. Therefore it can be said proper selection of resources and their management will help to increase the efficiency of the business process. Resource management is referred to as hard problems as heterogeneous type of resources are adapted to improve the system (Luna et al., 2015). Interdependency among the resources, unpredictability and viability of the resources are other issues associated to resource management system. Requirements for SLA Management Service level agreement is referred to as a contract between the consumer and service provider. The purpose of establishing a SLA is to furnish the standard performance of the organization in terms of meeting the requirements of the consumers (Motta et al., 2014). Certain metrics are associated to SLA those are required to accomplish the need to the consumers. Greentek Board in HQ will be able to get a holistic view of the entire business application. Best industry level practices including an improved employee productivity and standard IT resource approaches. After adapting cloud computing vendor for the organization, the return on Investment also increases (Wagner et al., 2015). Therefore, it can be said that the SLA is a very important in order to establish a cloud based solution for an organization. Analysis on consideration of Application Resilience, Backup and Disaster Recovery Application Resilience For the chosen cloud computing provider application resilience is needed to be considered by the organization. Application resilience is referred to as the ability of an application that can resolve any issue efficiently (Ahmed, et al., 2015). The application is not bother about the feature of the component rather to can effectively resolve the issue to increase the commercial benefit from the competitive marketplace. Due to rapid implementation and improvement of software and multiple technologies proper infrastructure is required to be served by the organization (Frey, Reich Lthje, 2013). In order to minimize the level of failure, the development team is required to deliver enough application resilience. It is also capable to determine hidden vulnerabilities of a system. The testing of application resilience is vital as it can provide reliable and efficient performance. Application Backup and Disaster Recovery Backup and disaster recovery are two important characteristics that should be possessed by the newly adapted cloud computing system. Proper data management is referred to as a vital thing for every organization (Casola et al., 2013). If large amount of data are stored in the data storage of an organization then, those are needed to be managed well so that while required the employees and the users as well can fetch the information from the storage. Sometimes it is also found that an old data has become important to be retrieved from the storage. Usage of virtual machine, gives opportunity to improve the backup status of large set of information. The terms backup and disaster recovery are though complementary to each other but not interchangeable (Frey, Reich Lthje, 2013). If a system does not hold the backup feature then it cannot possess disaster recovery management. Due to lack of management or lack of inexperienced expert team a system can be crashed and all the information store d in the data storage can be loss. In order to retrieve those lost availability of data disaster recovery management is needed. By maintaining the following steps lost financial and personnel data could be fetched whenever required. Disaster recovery management system is not costly, faster, and easy and comparatively more compact than other system. Rebuilding of new software or infrastructure is not required to fetch the data from the cloud storage. Erls SLA guidelines to access SLA In the contractual relationship between the cloud service provider and the cloud consumers, cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) is referred to as one of the most important components. The principles of SLA guideline include negotiation, agreement, a quantified service level and responsibilities. Negotiation: Between the service provider and cloud consumer in order to make sure the service agreement negotiation is needed to be presented. Proper understanding of the position of the baseline is needed so that, the employees of the organization could easily measure whether the performance served by the current service is meeting the expectation of the consumers or not (Luna et al., 2015). The key activities and the outcome of the system can be clearly understood by the management team of the organization. It will also help to understand the demand and the drivers of the consumers requirements. The management team could easily identify the gaps and challenge of the system and will also adapt the required steps that can mitigate the issues. Agreement: The negotiation process will lead to creating a contract between the consumer and the service provider (Toosi, Calheiros Buyya, 2014). The agreement could benefit both the parties. The requirement of the consumers can be easily understood by the development team of the organization. Clarification of the responsibilities: While developing and adapting a new cloud computing system, the responsibilities of the team members are also divided into segments so that the system could be better understood by the development team (Oliveira et al., 2014). It will help to meet the requirement of the consumers. Conclusion From the overall discussion it can be concluded that, adaptation of risk management system in terms of cloud computing system will help to improve the efficiency of the Green Board in HQ. The existing process is not enough effective and thus they have decided to adapt a cloud based solution which will provide application resilience; backup and disaster recover management as well. Apart from this, the ERLs Service Level Agreement (SLA) guideline is also provided to the organization. The cloud computing technology needs remote administration, resource management and SLA management system those are also mentioned in this report. References Ahmed, E., Gani, A., Khan, M. K., Buyya, R., Khan, S. U. (2015). Seamless application execution in mobile cloud computing: Motivation, taxonomy, and open challenges.Journal of Network and Computer Applications,52, 154-172. Casola, V., De Benedictis, A., Rak, M., Rios, E. (2016). Security-by-design in Clouds: A Security-SLA Driven Methodology to Build Secure Cloud Applications.Procedia Computer Science,97, 53-62. De Benedictis, A., Rak, M., Turtur, M., Villano, U. (2015, June). Rest-based sla management for cloud applications. InEnabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE), 2015 IEEE 24th International Conference on(pp. 93-98). IEEE. Frey, S., Reich, C., Lthje, C. (2013, September). Key performance indicators for cloud computing SLAs. InThe Fifth International Conference on Emerging Network Intelligence, EMERGING(pp. 60-64). Luna, J., Suri, N., Iorga, M., Karmel, A. (2015). Leveraging the potential of cloud security service-level agreements through standards.IEEE Cloud Computing,2(3), 32-40. Motta, G., You, L., Sfondrini, N., Sacco, D., Ma, T. (2014, June). Service level management (slm) in cloud computing-third party slm framework. InWETICE Conference (WETICE), 2014 IEEE 23rd International(pp. 353-358). IEEE. Oliveira, A. C., Chagas, H., Spohn, M., Gomes, R., Duarte, B. J. (2014, June). Efficient network service level agreement monitoring for cloud computing systems. InComputers and Communication (ISCC), 2014 IEEE Symposium on(pp. 1-6). IEEE. Oliveira, A. C., Chagas, H., Spohn, M., Gomes, R., Duarte, B. J. (2014, June). Efficient network service level agreement monitoring for cloud computing systems. InComputers and Communication (ISCC), 2014 IEEE Symposium on(pp. 1-6). IEEE. Rodger, J. A., Bhatt, G., Chaudhary, P., Kline, G., McCloy, W. (2015). The Impact of Business Expertise on Information System Data and Analytics Resilience (ISDAR) for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: An Exploratory Study.Intelligent Information Management,7(04), 223. Toosi, A. N., Calheiros, R. N., Buyya, R. (2014). Interconnected cloud computing environments: Challenges, taxonomy, and survey.ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR),47(1), 7. Wagner, C., Hudic, A., Maksuti, S., Tauber, M., Pallas, F. (2015, August). Impact of critical infrastructure requirements on service migration guidelines to the cloud. InFuture Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud), 2015 3rd International Conference on(pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Strategic Management for Engineers

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management for Engineers. Answer: Introduction: The main objective of Tesco is to expand its operation and store in international market. In 1990s, Tesco was UKs second largest food retailers. However, in 2013, Tesco was ranked as the largest UK food retailer. The growth in the company was due to the strategies formulated by the CEO, Terry Leahty that repositioned Tesco from the discounted roots to mass-market customer focused retailer serving all the segments in UK market (Mei? 2016). The first change in the strategy was introduction of Tesco Club card, which was UKs first customer loyalty card that included the information of the customers and provided the customers with additional benefit. Another strategy used by Tesco was development of new store format that served the oval shoppers and made the shopping easy. According to Alexandrino (2014), Tesco was facing regulator pressure due to rise in the competition. However, the strategy adopted by the company focused on long-term growth with its concentration on operations and capital investment. The strategies of Tesco also focused on diversifying its product portfolio to the non food sector and retail services with the focus on online shopping channel and non food products. In 1997, the strategy of Tesco also focused on expanding its busines1990 where the s outside home market via international diversification. The first phase of strategy was launched in 1990s where the company was successful in expanding its organization in Europe. The next phase of strategies was launched in 1998 where the focus of strategy is one expanding its operations to Asian market entering Thailand and South Korea (Kim and Hallsworth 2015). The strategy of Tesco focused on the liberalization of retail foreign direct investment during the expansion of business in Asian market. The liberalization of investment helped the company emerge as the market leader in retail business offering products at discounted prices (Dawson and Mukoyama 2013). The next phase of Tescos strategy focused on expansion of the stores in China and India. In just twelve years, the company has one thousand seven hundred and nineteen stores all over the world. The strategy of the company that focused on expansion of the store in South Korea in the year 2012 proved to be successful. South Korea gave Tesco the second largest platform after UK for emerging as the market leader in retail sector. With the change in the CEO of Tesco the strategies used by Tesco was also changing. In 2007, Tesco made one of the most risky moves of expanding its business to United States of America. The strategy that was adopted by Tesco to enter the market of USA was small format retail skills to attain competitive advantage. The company had confidence of expanding in the international market due to its effective management of small format stores. The strategies of Tesco are also on development of cool chain distribution and logistics systems required to manage its products (Ghrmay 2016). The high quality food and affordable fresh and chilled prepared meals were sold under the brand name of Tesco. The store of Tesco in California was opened under its own brand name that is fresh and Easy where the products of Tesco were sold under its own brand name. Hence, strategies of Tesco focused on attainment of long-term goals with the focus on capital investments, operations and international expansion. Strategic Directions Tesco has faced many challenges threatening the market performance of retailer. Hence, to overcome such challenges it is essential for the company to develop efficient strategies with a strategic direction. Though Tesco has been successful in expanding its operations, in various parts of the world the major part of the sales and profit comes from the UK store. Sixty six percent of the sales and profits are still generated from the stores of UK (Lowe et al. 2012). Hence, it is essential for the company to develop strategies that focuses on globalization and expansion. In addition, the company should ensure that the stores in the international market are operating well so that they are able to contribute towards the market performance positively. The major drawback of Tesco strategies was entry of the retail business into the USA market (Foster and Noh 2013). One of the best things about the strategy of Leahy was its ability to transform a change under the market support of hostile pub lic scrutiny and retainment of financial market support for the strategy. This strategy was never possible with the entry of the business in the USA market. Tescos market entry into the USA market was apprehensive in either the sense that the entry could be transformational or a failure. It is essential for the company to not just rely on sales from the UK store but also plan on expanding its business to the international front. The company should expand its business in those parts of the world that is well established and where the competition is low. Having fewer competitors makes it easy for the company to establish its business and attract larger customers that are loyal. Tesco has a large customer base that is one of the advantages of the company (Haddock-Millar and Rigby 2015). The strategies of Tesco should be more flexible in order to produce more flexible goods and services in order to avoid massive fluctuations in the environmental changes. The strategies should also focus on evaluation of the risks. It is not just essential to formulate efficient strategies. It is also essential to evaluate and monitor the strategies and the performance of the organizations that is set in the various parts of the world. Time is another factor that affects the growth of the company. It is essential for the organization to formulate such strategies that focuses on immediate projects. The organization should focus in two strategies that are market development and product development. Hence, before setting strategies the organization should focus on the future goals and then formulate the strategies accordingly. References Alexandrino, J., 2014.Tesco PLC: Equity research(Doctoral dissertation, NSBE-UNL). Dawson, J. and Mukoyama, M., 2013. 1 Recent developments in retail internationalization.Global Strategies in Retailing: Asian and European Experiences, p.5. Foster, M.J. and Noh, T.J., 2013. Tesco strikes out into Asia.Frontiers of Business Research in China,7(2), pp.289-310. Ghrmay, T.M., 2016. Tesco: Losing Ground in the Uk.Available at SSRN. Haddock-Millar, J. and Rigby, C., 2015. Business Strategy and the Environment: Tesco PlcS Declining Financial Performance and Underlying Issues.Review of Business Finance Studies,6(3), pp.91-103. Kim, W. and Hallsworth, A.G., 2015. Tesco in Korea: regulation and retail change.Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie. Lowe, M., George, G. and Alexy, O., 2012. Organizational identity and capability development in internationalization: transference, splicing and enhanced imitation in Tescos US market entry.Journal of Economic Geography, p.lbs016. Mei?, I., 2016. internationalization of retailing.Business Logistics in Modern Management.

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The Big Chill Symbolism Essays - English-language Films, Films

The Big Chill: Symbolism The title of the movie The Big Chill is symbolic of the meeting of the group of adults who have not seen each other in years. It alludes to the circumstances which brought them together as well as their reaction to the meeting. The movie The Big Chill is about a group of adults who were once very close in the past but have drifted apart throughout the years. They are brought together under an unfortunate set of circumstances: One of the group, Alex, had committed suicide. This is the first instance in which the title, The Big Chill, is alluded to. It is symbolic of Alex's death, and the cold experience that was needed to bring the group together once more. The group had a "reunion" after his funeral, only to find out that nobody really knew each other since their college days. This is symbolic that their friendships had been frozen, or dead, perhaps, since the group "broke up" many years ago. Another possibility is that the title symbolizes each individual's stolid realization that a certain part of their lives was dead, or frozen. This could refer to Alex, who had killed himself. Or it could refer to their friendship, which pro bably dwindled down from an occasional phone call to a seasonal letter or card, and eventually to virtual non-communication. The title could even have yet another "hidden" meaning. It could refer to the group's total loss of communication with Alex. This could have led to the point where nobody was able to see anything wrong with him, because they just were not a round to. Chloe, Alex's girl friend, probably did not notice because she did not know him as well as the rest of the group. But the rest of the group unintentionally gave Alex "the cold shoulder" when he was in the greatest need of help. Another instance of The Big Chill was when Meg asked Sam to have her baby. Sam coldly refused. Meg felt a bit rejected, even though she knew Sam only said no because he respected her. Sam, however, was very surprised and probably flattered to be asked. Overall, the title of the movie The Big Chill is symbolic in many ways. All of these ways are important to the meaning of the movie, if looked at symbolically.